Magazine Article | November 23, 2015

Tech-Savvy Doctors Use Social Media To Educate, Market, And Advocate

Source: Health IT Outcomes

By Neal Learner, Contributing Writer

If you’re considering entering the world of social media — or if you want to improve your current effort — you’d be wise to heed the advice of two who are doing it right.

Doctors aren’t immune to the lure of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, to name just a few popular sites. But are healthcare providers fully tapping the power of these ubiquitous social media outlets? Some tech-savvy physicians say their peers could do much more online from a professional perspective, and even a small investment in social media can generate significant returns.

Kevin Pho, M.D., known as “social media’s leading physician voice,” says there are tremendous upsides for physicians using social media on a professional level. He points to patient education, boosting online reputations, and making your voice heard, as three specific examples.