Case Study

Tablets Save Blood Bank 830 Hours Per Year

In an effort to completely eliminate paper-based workflows, Nebraska Community Blood Bank’s (NCBB) implemented a new Blood Enterprise Computing System provided by Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS). The BBCS Self-Registration Questionnaire (SRQ), an electronic version of the Universal Donor Health Questionnaire (UDHQ) that the FDA requires all donors to complete for eligibility, enabled donors to complete the questionnaire in a fully paperless environment. By eliminating its dependence on paper, NCBB hoped to reduce errors, simplify workflows and increase the efficiency and accuracy of information.

With the BBCS SRQ software running on Motion Tablet PCs, NCBB has increased efficiency, saved time and reduced errors; enhancing overall employee and donor satisfaction. With the paper questionnaire, staff was required to manually input donor information into the database. For the mobile staff, this meant returning to the centers at the end of the day. Now, staff benefit from wireless, real-time connectivity that keeps both fixed and blood drives live and connected at all times. Any information collected is automatically updated in the database in real time, saving the staff extra work at the end of the day. According to Fenner, the mobile team saves approximately 830 hours per year with the computerized solution.

The establishment of an open-heart surgery program in Lincoln, Nebraska was the motivating factor for the Lancaster County Medical Society to form a community-based blood bank in October 1968. Since then, Lincoln’s medical community has experienced phenomenal growth. Much has changed; yet one thing remains the same, Nebraska Community Blood Bank’s (NCBB) commitment to connecting people and saving lives.

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