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4 Steps To Customizing The Best Mobile Cart For Your Healthcare Facility

Source: CompuCaddy

Mobile computing carts have become a fixture in most hospitals as a primary means for clinicians to capture patient information at the point of care. As such, there is no shortage of mobile cart options on the market. Several vendors — large and small — offer a variety of mobile cart solutions. The healthcare industry has become so inundated with mobile cart choices that differentiation becomes difficult. Many hospital leaders now feel that a cart is a cart and spend less time evaluating their technology options. In addition, many vendors have begun to categorize their carts into “packaged solutions” in an effort to simplify the selection process. While this practice may make it easier for hospitals to ultimately purchase the technology, it truly is an injustice to the end user.

A mobile cart is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. No two hospitals will use a mobile cart in exactly the same way. Each facility will have slightly different requirements that can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness, longevity, and TCO (total cost of ownership) the mobile cart solution provides. A mobile cart purchase is a significant investment for a healthcare facility, and like other technology implementations, customizing the solution to the precise needs of your environment is the best way to optimize your ROI. This white paper outlines four critical steps necessary to build the mobile cart solution best suited for your facility and your staff.

1. Selecting The Computer

A mobile cart is essentially a means to make computer equipment transportable. However, more often than not, the purchase of mobile carts and the computers to be used on them are not made in tandem. In fact, oftentimes one decision is made completely independent of the other.

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