News | October 11, 2013

SSI Announces ICD-10 Readiness Position

The SSI Group, Inc. (SSI), one of the nation’s largest independent medical billing clearinghouses, announced its ICD-10 readiness position today. Headquartered in Mobile, AL, SSI is a leading provider of healthcare revenue and payment cycle management solutions. SSI is pleased to announce that both its clearinghouse services and revenue cycle management solutions are ICD-10 ready and that it is actively involved in testing with provider and payer communities to ensure a smooth transition to the new coding standard.

In preparation for the October 1, 2014, ICD-10 compliance deadline, SSI has implemented a claim submission testing capability to ensure transaction accuracy. SSI has maintained ICD-10 readiness as a clearinghouse and ensured accuracy of submitted claims under the new format since the inception of Version 5010.

SSI is actively testing ICD-10-based transactions with the payer community by participating in the WEDI and CMS pilots. SSI will continue to monitor and report payers’ testing plans to assure a successful migration. Additionally, SSI will convey which payers have successfully completed testing with any of SSI’s clients. SSI will also continue working with all clearinghouse partners to determine and communicate their current testing status.

“SSI is fully committed to meeting its clients’ transitions to the ICD-10 coding system well in advance of the October 1, 2014, deadline,” said James M. Lyons, President and CEO of The SSI Group, Inc. “We will continue to work with the provider, payer and government community to ensure as easy a transition as possible.”

SSI customers can review more detailed information about SSI’s ICD-10 readiness position and status by visiting the SSI Client Website:

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Source: The SSI Group, Inc.