News | December 21, 2022

Sigmund Software Selects Darena Solutions' MeldRx™ To Meet Cures Act Requirements

Darena Solutions and Sigmund Software have announced a partnership to improve the sharing of medical records between healthcare providers and their patients and achieve (g)(10) FHIR API Cures Act compliance.

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) - MeldRx, a product owned by Darena Solutions, will enable providers using Sigmund's Electronic Health Record (EHR) to share records with patients easily. This partnership aligns with the 21st Century Cures Act provisions, which seek to improve the sharing of medical records between healthcare providers and patients in HL7®FHIR® format, thus preventing Information Blocking.

"Making it easy for healthcare providers to share data is instrumental for enabling patients' access to their data," said Pawan Jindal, CEO of Darena Solutions. "MeldRx takes it one step further by enabling patients to access their healthcare records from multiple healthcare institutions they have visited and aggregate them. This partnership supports our commitment to improving the sharing of medical records between providers and patients.”

In a statement, the CEO of Sigmund Software, Philip Turner, said, " We are excited to partner with Darena Solutions and leverage the MeldRx platform to enable our healthcare providers to share medical records with their patients. We came back to Darena Solutions after an unsuccessful attempt with their competitor and are particularly impressed with the speed at which MeldRx was able to integrate with our EHR. Their application works as advertised, and the true cost-in-use was a key factor in this buying decision.”

The partnership between Darena Solutions and Sigmund Software will improve healthcare providers’ ability to share medical records with their patients, providing better access to important information and improving the quality of care.

About Sigmund Software
Sigmund Software develops, distributes, and supports Electronic Health Record (EHR) software for the Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment community. They leverage an extensive Behavioral Health background and software development expertise to enable their customers to provide a safer and more efficient environment for improved patient outcomes. Their vision is to improve and streamline treatment practices and industry cost structures by developing innovative, consumer-centric products with unparalleled customer service and support.

About Meldrx™
MeldRx™ is a technology platform designed by Darena Solutions to solve the unique challenges of Healthcare Data Management by leveraging open standards, established data security best practices, and collaboration between Patients, Providers, Researchers, and Health IT Developers. BlueButtonPRO, the nation’s first ONC-certified FHIR API solution, is now a part of the MeldRx Ecosystem. 

About Darena Solutions 
Darena Solutions delivers an Ecosystem of FHIR® enabled interoperability, regulatory compliance, and analytics solutions to EHRs, Providers, and Payers. By creating channels for data sharing between Providers, Payers, and Patients, Darena enables healthcare organizations to achieve compliance and derive insights for prospective decision-making resulting in better patient outcomes. Connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

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