News | September 30, 2021

Seqster Combines BioIntelliSense Continuous Health Monitoring Data With EHR And Genomic Data To Advance Remote Care

San Diego, CA /PRNewswire/ - Seqster PDM, Inc. ("Seqster"), the pioneer in patient-centric healthcare data technology, announced today their strategic collaboration with BioIntelliSense, Inc, a clinical intelligence platform company, to combine its continuous health monitoring data services with contextual Electronic Health Record (EHR) and genomic data to enable remote patient monitoring, stratification and risk management.

Through Seqster's enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, providers are able to gain a single, 360-degree view of a patient's health data from remote care settings, including data from the BioIntelliSense FDA-cleared BioSticker™ and medical grade BioButton® multi-parameter wearable devices. The patients are able to stream their EHR, Genomic DNA, and continuous remote monitoring data to share with their caregivers for improved care and treatment, including appropriate medication and dosage. This collaboration enables personalized care for anyone, anywhere, and at any time, whether they are at a provider receiving treatment or in the comfort of their home.

"The entire healthcare and clinical trial landscape is evolving and disrupting traditional data flows for every healthcare organization,'' stated Ardy Arianpour, CEO and Co-Founder of Seqster. "Patients now have more options available than ever before for receiving care like telemedicine and virtual care. Without the real-time patient data from these siloed data sources the continuity of care is put at risk. Our collaboration with BioIntelliSense is a big step forward taking remote patient monitoring to an entirely new level with Seqster's real-time EHR data, along with genomics, to stratify patients and highlight hereditary risks."

"Patient-centricity is now front and center across the healthcare ecosystem," said James Mault, MD, Founder and CEO of BioIntelliSense. "Our collaboration with Seqster provides advanced biosensor wearable devices, along with algorithmic-based analytics, to enable continuous multi-parameter health monitoring and personalized remote care."

About Seqster
eqster is a SaaS-based healthcare technology company that enables organizations to drive efficient healthcare via comprehensive medical records (EHR), individual genomic profiles (DNA), and personal health device data. Its platform solves the challenge of siloed data in healthcare by providing a seamless, real-time solution that takes multi-dimensional, disparate healthcare data and provides a 360-degree view of a member or patient. The Seqster solution can be used to solve a multitude of data challenges across the healthcare continuum including clinical trial recruitment and tracking, patient on-boarding, data transparency regulations, population health initiatives and patient engagement. Seqster is privately held and headquartered in San Diego.

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About BioIntelliSense
BioIntelliSense is ushering in a new era of continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Its medical-grade Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform seamlessly captures multi-parameter vital signs, physiological biometrics, and symptomatic events through an effortless patient experience. The FDA-cleared BioSticker™ and medical-grade BioButton® devices make remote monitoring and early detection simple. Through the platform's advanced analytics, clinicians will now have access to high-resolution patient trending and reporting to enable medical grade care at home.

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