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SecureData, Inc. Helps Make Healthcare Data Security And Compliance Easy For Hospitals

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) - SecureData, Inc, a US-based and leading provider of multi-award-winning portable FIPS-validated hardware-encrypted data storage devices, has helped to solve the problems of meeting data security and compliance requirements for healthcare providers.

Cleveland-based Western Reserve Hospital needed a way to tighten data security for their everyday business operations. Mr. Vince Allen, Manager of IT&S Operations said, “To help ensure compliance, we had to enhance our security to make sure that any portable data was encrypted and could be remotely wiped if the device is ever lost or stolen.”

Western Reserve turned to the SecureUSB® BT flash drive, one of SecureData's hardware-encrypted USB drive offerings with secure wireless authentication methods. These methods allow a user with an iOS/Android mobile device to unlock the drive through password entry, biometrics like facial recognition or fingerprints, and they can use 2-factor authentication as well. The drive is also “Remote Management (RM) ready”, giving customers the ability to subscribe to this secure SaaS RM offering from SecureData at any time.

After having the drives and RM in place for several months, Mr. Allen rated the drives overall “10 out of 10” on performance, reliability, design, and quality; and he specifically mentioned the sturdiness of the design. One of the features he found to be useful for his non-technical end-users was authentication on the drive through FaceID/TouchID.

“The BT drives are easy to manage and deploy. I spend less than five minutes to provision the drive, and I spend about five minutes with the user when I hand it off,” Mr. Allen said.

In some instances, doctors and hospital managers must share information or give presentations, and the drives allow an administrator to assign multiple users to one USB device. Due to the FIPS-validated design, secure access methods, and the Remote Wipe feature, Mr. Allen is confident that any data that employees put on these devices will be protected from accidental data leaks.

Mr. Allen said, “I've had zero complaints from my users, which are doctors, hospital staff, and my IT team. No additional IT support is necessary after the initial set up.”

“SecureData strives to provide solutions that continually earn the great feedback we received from Western Reserve Hospital’s data security project,” commented Mike Vanoverbeke, Product Management Director at SecureData.

About Western Reserve Hospital:
Western Reserve Hospital serves as one of Northeast Ohio’s most advanced community hospitals, dedicated not only to exceptional patient care and excellence in healthcare services, but also to education, community outreach and the overall wellness of Cuyahoga Falls and the surrounding areas.
The outstanding staff at Western Reserve comprises more than 890 employees, which include more than 400 physicians and 220 nurses dedicated to 100 percent patient satisfaction. Western Reserve Hospital offers a full range of health care options and services, reinforced by the shared commitment to patient satisfaction and improved healthcare delivery.
Owned and operated by physicians in the community, the hospital’s mission is to deliver 100 percent patient-centered care. Coupled with the vision of improving the delivery of the safest, highest quality health care available, Western Reserve is fully committed to patient satisfaction.
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SECUREDATA, Inc. is a privately held company, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA, and with significant operations in Cleveland, Ohio. SecureData offers a range of tailored high-level data protection capabilities through a set of services and products. These include a completely FIPS Certified hardware encrypted portable data storage device product line, backup solutions, file repair software, data recovery, and digital forensics services to help clients achieve their security objectives. SecureData has a worldwide presence through its partners in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia and South America, and serves companies and organizations in regulated industries, such as government, financial services, military, law enforcement, legal, healthcare, and education.

SecureDrive KP, SecureDrive BT, BackupDrive are registered trademarks of SECUREDATA, Inc.

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About ClevX:
ClevX is, a Seattle based, information security technology company – Your Innovation Partner. It is focused on the Security/Mobility markets where ClevX pioneered its award-winning DATALOCK® KP/BT Secured USB drives (OS-agnostic, hardware encrypted, PIN- or Phone-activated, bootable) and easy to use portable software applications for secure drives for personal and business use. ClevX differentiates itself by creating solutions that are simple, clever, and elegant.

ClevX®, DataLock®, DriveSecurity®, USBtoCloud® are registered trademark of ClevX, LLC.

The SecureUSB® KP and SecureUSB® BT products (including RM) are manufactured by SECUREDATA using patented DataLock® technology licensed from ClevX, LLC.

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