News Feature | March 29, 2017

SaaS Solution, VoiceEnabled Health Assistants For Connected Home Healthcare Unveiled

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Home Healthcare Monitoring

Lenovo and Orbita are among exhibitors demonstrating new home healthcare products at HIMSS17.

HIMSS17 was the place to be for exhibitors demonstrating new connected home healthcare devices this year. Lenovo Health joined with Orbita to demonstrate a virtual home care solution based on two recently unveiled products: Lenovo Smart Assistant and Orbita Voice at.

Lenovo’s Smart Assistant is a voice-controlled speaker for the home that combines the Amazon Alexa voice platform with Lenovo and Harman Kardon speaker technology. Orbita’s Voice is a voice experience manager for healthcare that builds on the power of voice assistant platforms like Amazon Alexa to enable intuitive, patient-centric home care experiences that improve patient engagement, care coordination, and outcomes.

The integration of Orbita Voice with the Lenovo Smart Assistant demonstrates how natural voice assistant technology can help patients with chronic and post-acute care enhance their ability to access and share information with providers, caregivers, and family members.

“There is a significant gap in the delivery of care; it’s not what happens when in front of your providers that’s most important, but what happens at home, making it a care setting,” says Tom Foley, Director of Global Health Solution Strategy at Lenovo Health. “Lenovo Health’s Virtual Care solution aims to innovate the home and the manner in which one engages technology. Leveraging our voice and utilizing telehealth to interact with a patient’s provider will transform the delivery of care model. Our collaboration with Orbita will allow us to achieve this vision.”

“Voice is the user interface of the future and is transforming how we think about patient engagement in home healthcare,” says Nathan Treloar, Orbita president and COO. “We’re excited to work with Lenovo to showcase the newest in voice-enabled care coordination.”