News | February 26, 2013

Rockcastle Regional Hospital Becomes First Facility To Implement Next-Generation Physician Documentation System From Patient Logic

Rockcastle Regional Hospital, comprised of a 26-bed acute-care facility and a 93-bed skilled-nursing facility in Mt. Vernon, Ky., is the first provider to go live with Physician Documentation, the first installment of Physician Experience from Patient Logic. Patient Logic is delivering a suite of user-focused clinical and financial applications designed to deliver an all-new experience for clinicians and administrators.

Patient Logic Physician Documentation is a physician-centric application with features and functionality developed to fit within the workflow that clinicians use every day.  Rather than relying on application developers to design a new system, Patient Logic assembled a 12-member Physician Advisory Board to help focus developers on the three steps most important to physicians – reviewing the patient chart, documenting the care plan and creating orders.

As with all Patient Logic applications, Physician Documentation has an uncluttered user interface that makes the powerful software intuitive, easy to use and attractive for physicians to adopt.

“We’re all trying to get the best patient information and documentation possible for ourselves and the whole medical team. This new Physician Documentation system gives us a complete record that is easy to access for everyone who needs the data,” said Dr. George Griffith, one of Rockcastle Regional’s most experienced physicians.  “It’s doctor-oriented and doctor-friendly in its wording, structure and how you work through the system because it matches the way doctors already work on a daily basis.”

Patient Logic’s intuitive Physician Documentation templates bring simplicity and speed to creating notes – especially the H&P and discharge templates, the two longest notes that physicians create.

“The documents and templates came out exactly like the doctors wanted, but even when we do need to build templates for our physicians, the Patient Logic system is very comfortable to use and easily accessible overall,” said Cynthia Burton, RN, chief nursing officer at Rockcastle Regional. “We got on board early with Patient Logic because of the value we feel it has for our physicians, and the fact that it’s part of our overall Meaningful Use initiative.”

Several Rockcastle Regional doctors and physician assistants began using Patient Logic Physician Documentation the same day they were introduced to the software.

Rockcastle Regional Hospital Goes Live with Patient Logic Physician Documentation

“In my experience, you just don’t see physicians pick up an EHR module and start using it after 30 minutes of instruction, so that proves how easy to use and intuitive Patient Logic has made its Physician Documentation system,” said Dr. Frank Newlands, chief medical officer for Patient Logic. “Our Physician Advisory Board streamlined application development and stayed focused on creating a clean user interface with steps that fit a physician’s normal workflow.  As a physician, it’s evident from the moment you see our Physician Documentation that it’s a system created for healthcare providers by healthcare providers.”

In addition to beta testing Physician Documentation with a number of facilities, Patient Logic’s Business Intelligence application is being trialed at a specialty orthopedic and spine facility in Houston. Those two products, along with additional Patient Logic applications such as Community Portal, Registration and Document Management, are expected to be generally available later this year.

Patient Logic Physician Documentation will be available for demonstration at the annual HIMSS tradeshow March 4-6 in HMS booth #6941. To schedule a demo, please email Patient Logic at

About Patient Logic
Patient Logic provides a suite of clinical and financial applications designed to deliver an all-new experience for clinicians and administrators. The company takes a dramatically different path when designing software, using direct input from clinicians and administrators rather than relying on application developers to design systems to fit the needs of healthcare providers.  As a result, the powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use software has an uncluttered user interface that promotes rapid adoption with minimal training. Patient Logic applications, including Physician Documentation, Community Portal, Business Intelligence, Registration and Document Management, are designed to help providers enhance patient care and safety, create more efficient house-wide processes, improve facilities’ financial performance and meet Meaningful Use requirements .Patient Logic, headquartered in Franklin, Tenn., is part of HealthTech, which manages healthcare technology companies – including Healthcare Management Systems and MEDHOST– which deliver both enterprise-wide and departmental software and systems.

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