News Feature | October 8, 2015

RFID, Voice Recognition, Mobile, And Cloud Transform Clinical Documentation

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

How Solutions Providers Can Help Their Health IT Clients Fix The Clinical Workflow Problem

Post-EHR era application automates physician EHR documentation, patient check-in, and traffic flow.

When Disney introduced Magic Bands at its theme parks in 2013, they seemed like a magical device. These RFID-enabled wristbands functioned as tickets to jump to the front of long lines and hotel room keys, and allowed visitors to connect to their accounts. They also store personal information and preferences, giving access to that data to park employees to improve the guest experience.

Now that technology is part of a new solution for healthcare providers  combining RFID, voice recognition, and Web-based mobile and cloud technologies to automate EHR documentation, streamline patient check-in and registration, and track the flow of both patients and staff throughout the clinic.

Created by Barcoding, Inc. and Better Day Health, this solution improves the overall patient experience in clinical settings, allowing healthcare organizations and clinics to cut costs and operate more profitably while improving the overall patient experience and physician-patient relationship.

With the new solution, RFID-enabled ID badges are provided to physicians and staff, as well as to patients upon check-in. These badges then trigger hands-free authentication, login, and data collection in the exam room on the provider’s mobile device. The BetterDay App also uses passive voice recognition technology during the exam to recommend potential diagnoses and aid the physician in diagnosis and billing code selection and documentation. It speeds the process, reducing the time required to type in information, allowing physicians to spend more time focused on the patient’s needs.

Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH, CEO and co-founder of Better Day Health, said, “Doctors are the world’s most expensive clerical workers; today, they are using valuable time to fill out EHRs and compile medical histories. Barcoding has provided us with the technology needed to bring our vision to life by partnering with Better Day Health to create an intelligent, automated, hands-free experience in the exam room. In conjunction with Better Day, Barcoding will help doctors have more meaningful interactions with more patients, in less time, and without all of the burdensome data entry.”

The solution also tracks the flow of patients, physicians, and staff charting wait times, staff availability, and patient location. This allows healthcare organizations to adjust and improve to enhance the overall patient experience.