News | January 9, 2017

Revealing The Billion-Dollar Growth Opportunities In The Global Healthcare Industry By 2025

Frost & Sullivan hosts a complimentary briefing discussing the disruptive trends, technologies and regional dynamics that will fuel new business models and growth opportunities

WHEN: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 11:00 EST

LOCATION: Online, with free registration

SPEAKERS: Venkat Rajan, Global Director, Visionary Healthcare, Frost & Sullivan

Siddharth Shah, Research Analyst, Visionary Health, Frost & Sullivan

The global healthcare industry is undergoing rapid transformation. By 2025, the healthcare ecosystem is expected to look drastically different from recently. In the future, global trends as aging populations, rising chronic disease prevalence and urbanization, are bound to further strain healthcare systems, already grappling with issues of healthcare access, quality and cost. In response, new business models are expected to emerge and address the needs of the future. In order to capture new growth opportunities and benefits from the return on investment (ROI), stakeholders must successfully leverage this transformation.

With changing healthcare focus to prevention, wellness and personalization, new paradigms like healthcare consumerization are set to take hold as well as error-free care delivery and automated healthcare.

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Wearable biomonitoring devices, cell therapy, virtual patient visits, liquid biopsy and artificial intelligence enabled diagnostics are some of the top growth opportunities across healthcare sectors. Our estimates indicate that the potential 2025 market sizes of these opportunities vary from more than $1B range to the $31-$50B range, with some being more attractive and less competitive than others.

“Technological advances in several fields including sensors, nanorobotics, 3D printing, quantum computing and regenerative medicine are set to disrupt the status quo with respect to wellness, treatment and recovery,” explains Siddharth Shah, Visionary Healthcare Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

“Considering the state of flux of the industry, every healthcare stakeholder needs to assess itself in light of two broad areas highlighted in this study. On one side, the impact of identified technological advances and macro shifts on their business. On the other side, the analyzed opportunities of growth in every relevant sector and the expected regional shifts,” adds Venkat Rajan, Visionary Healthcare Global Director at Frost & Sullivan. “This will enable the organization to correctly gauge where it stands with respect to its long-term goals, and present an opportunity to course-correct in time to achieve those objectives.”

Why You Should Attend:

  • Explore how and to what degree will certain aspects of the healthcare industry transform by 2025.
  • Identify what role will emerging technologies play in disrupting current market paradigms.
  • Discover new business models that will arise due to impending industry shifts.
  • Learn about key sector-specific growth areas within healthcare.
  • Understand the impact of unique regional dynamics on market development across the globe.

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