News Feature | February 12, 2015

Remote Patient Monitoring In The Poconos

Julia Ernst

By Julia Ernst, contributing writer

Remote Monitoring In Healthcare

The InscrybeMD telehealth system will allow providers at the Pocono Medical Center to remotely manage patients with chronic conditions.

The Pocono Medical Center (PMC) in East Stroudsburg, PA has implemented the InscrybeMD telehealth system from Authentidate Holding Corporation to enhance outreach to patients. Pocono Medical Center will utilize the InscrybeMD Electronic House Call (EHC) patient monitoring device to boost the continuity of care to patient populations who require at-home monitoring.

The EHC system is a touch-screen device that features automated reminders designed to increase compliance with care plans, diets, medication, and follow-up visits and reduce the need for face-to-face visits, according to a news release on the implementation. The EHC also features an Interactive Voice Response system, which provides care plans via voice-guided menus on the patient's phone. The EHC will enable PMC providers to view patients’ records and make adjustments to care plans on the InscrybeMD web application, which is then communicated to patients during sessions.

According to the news release, the EHC improves the ability to monitor patients’ medical conditions while also providing disease management education that their clinician selects for them. InscrybeMD Telehealth solutions help to reduce costs, support improved patient health outcomes, and reduce hospital readmissions. InscrybeMD telehealth solutions have proven effective in assisting in the management of a number of patient illnesses, behavioral health conditions, and wellness programs, the news release continues.

The Pocono Medical Center features more than 200 physicians and over 1,850 staff members. The mid-sized, not-for-profit community hospital features a heart and vascular institute, a cancer center, orthopedic and spine care, and more. The Pocono Medical Center also features the PMC Physicians Associates, which provides a network of care in a range of specialties.

Authentidate Holding Corporation is a provider of software and patient monitoring products. In addition to the InscrybeMD telehealth system, the company offers Inscrybe Hospital Discharge, a patient placement and discharge optimization tool, and Inscrybe Healthcare, a referral management and document tracking solution.

SOURCE: Globe Newswire