Real-Time Patient Care Demands More Than EMRs Can Deliver

Source: Health IT Outcomes
Patient Flow Automation Solutions

A breakthrough path to predicting sepsis.

There’s no question that by propelling healthcare into the digital age, EMRs have been a fundamental first step in the journey toward transforming care delivery. But creating an environment capable of delivering real-time, patient-centric care that improves safety, quality outcomes, and population health requires enhancing these documentation and workflow systems with a new category of technology that leading healthcare analysts call Enterprise Intelligence Resources (EIR).

EIR platforms extend the value of EMRs by integrating disparate data generated from multiple sources to provide real-time clinical intelligence, business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics. By providing a complete picture of what is happening in the moment, both to individual patients and at the institutional level, EIRs enable frontline clinicians and healthcare leaders to optimize care, support key quality initiatives — including core measures — and improve operational efficiency.

The real-time, actionable insights that EIRs deliver integrate seamlessly with clinical workflow to optimize interventions. This dramatically reduces patient risk and the treatment costs. VigiLanz is an integrated EIR platform that combines real-time clinical intelligence with BI and predictive modeling to enable providers to identify — based on their specific patient population data — at-risk patients earlier, with order-of-magnitude improvements in sensitivity and specificity.

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