News | November 4, 2013

Press Ganey Unveils Next-Generation Employee And Physician Engagement Platform

Press Ganey announced recently the release of its new Engagement Portal, a market-leading employee and physician survey administration and reporting tool. Research has shown that organizational engagement has a dramatic and positive impact on patient experience performance metrics. The Engagement Portal is part of the Press Ganey’s Employee Voice and Physician Voice solutions to improve the patient experience through measurement, actionable analysis and implementation plans.

“In order to create the path to improving the patient experience, health care leaders and organizations must engage the individuals directly involved in shaping that experience – employees and physicians,” said Patrick T. Ryan, CEO of Press Ganey. “Our new Engagement Portal offers organizations the ability to cultivate a patient-centric culture in which there is a shared goal of improving the patient experience.”

Built on nearly three decades of research and scientific expertise, Press Ganey’s proprietary surveys support a comprehensive approach to improving the total patient experience. As the leading authority on improving the patient experience, Press Ganey’s research indicates that an engaged workforce has a meaningful impact on patient experience performance. Hospitals with engaged employees and physicians perform dramatically better on every HCAHPS domain, including significant percentile point increases on nurse communications, doctor communications and overall hospital rating.

The Portal provides a multi-dimensional view of engagement to identify challenging areas, prioritize actions and set goals for improvement. The portal provides users with individualized, permission-based reports on specific units within their organization – with unlimited drill-downs for organizational leaders. With powerful capabilities to map even the most complex organizational structures, results can be viewed hierarchically as direct reports, or by matrices, which show indirect reporting relationships. For example, results of physicians who perform dual roles (hospital, clinic, referring) are precisely displayed. A dashboard of easy-to-understand, yet robust, metrics helps organizational leaders pinpoint areas for targeted improvement as well as understand each group’s readiness to engage in feedback and action planning.

“The Engagement Portal helps health care leaders strategically drive cultural change within their organization,” said Larry Tilson, Senior Vice President of Employee & Physician Engagement at Press Ganey. “With our data, today’s leaders can easily identify targeted improvement opportunities, and evaluate solutions that will have the greatest impact on employee engagement and ultimately the patient experience.”

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