News | March 4, 2013

PointRF Debuts NoWander Connect Mobile Solution At HiMSS13

Two-way Communication Tags Capture and Deliver Medical, Security Data to Staff Devices, Without Reliance on On-Premise Infrastructure

PointRF Solutions, LLC (PointRF), a leading provider of safety, security and business intelligence solutions for the healthcare industry, recently announced it will debut at HiMSS13 this week in booth #8547 its NoWander Connect Solution, featuring two-way device-to-device communications. The solution portfolio includes a patient bracelet with LCD screen, staff badge, and mobile application for iPhone, iPad, and Android.  Part of the PointRF NoWander Safety and Security Platform for long-term and acute healthcare institutions, the NoWander Connect Solution is the first patient life-safety solution on the market that can capture and deliver patient activity data regardless of whether facility infrastructure goes down or patients are off-site, which enables direct communication with staff devices, independent of servers or other onsite hardware.

To meet market demand for readily available, mobile access to patient health and security data, the NoWander Connect Solution includes real-time locating system (RTLS) tracking between any two devices and administering of medication. Organizations have the flexibility to select specific patient data that will populate the LCD display screens on the patient bracelet and mobile application when authorized staff badges are within range. All data captured is also directly uploaded to facility servers for later reporting.

“Some of the most important interactions between patients and caregivers can happen away from workstations or when facility infrastructure is out of range or offline; for example during natural disasters, such as the recent Hurricane Sandy which forced long-term and acute care facilities to evacuate its patients, or less dramatic events like an offsite doctor appointment. During these instances, healthcare institutions still need immediate access to patient information and a method to capture and record new data,” said Richard Bauer, president and CEO of PointRF Solutions LLC. “The NoWander Connect Solution we’re demonstrating at HiMSS13 gives the industry the only option for one-to-one, mobile communications between staff and patient devices in any situation.”

Working in tandem, the NoWander Connect patient bracelets, staff badges and mobile applications allow authorized personnel an instant, even upside down view of patient information such as name, age, allergies, medical conditions, facility-specific codes and other customizable text. When the bracelet is not being used to retrieve information, facilities can program it to a sleep screen that displays basic information such as the time and date. The bracelet also includes a tamper detection band and wireless nurse call. Additional features include an internal paging buzzer and vibrator, as well as three programmable buttons that can be used for activity such as staff duress signals or alarm silencing. The badges are waterproof, shock resistant and mini USB rechargeable.

The NoWander Connect Solution is integrated into the NoWander Safety and Security Platform, which provides users with a set of core and specialty services such as wander management, elopement prevention, asset management, and alarm and alert escalation that streamline silos of processes and information to improve alignment across operations. Patients, staff and equipment are outfitted with active RFID tags configured with specific profiles to permit or prevent access to restricted areas based on factors such as time, day and authorized staff escort. Information collected by the system can be accessed at any time on enterprise dashboards and interactive display panels installed throughout a single facility or multiple ones, and now via mobile devices, providing staff with immediate access to patient and equipment location and alarm event information.

For more information visit PointRF at the HiMSS Conference in booth #8547.

About PointRF Solutions LLC.
PointRF Solutions LLC is a leading provider of real-time location services (RTLS) and business intelligence solutions. Deploying patent-pending technology, our NoWander Platform sets a new standard for the way institutions integrate location services along with safety, security and business intelligence technologies into everyday processes, enabling better management, assessment, care and ultimately prediction of the behavior of all individuals and assets. For more information, visit 

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