News | June 26, 2024

PicnicHealth Announces PicnicAI, A Platform That Unlocks The Universal Patient Record With Generative AI

  • PicnicAI provides universal patient medical record access and interpretation for any patient in the U.S., with a 99%+ record retrieval success rate across 100% of U.S. care sites, and most records retrieved within 15 minutes
  • PicnicAI leverages the industry-leading medical large language model (LLM) for structuring and abstracting insights from medical records with superhuman accuracy, outperforming GPT-4 by 3X

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - PicnicHealth today announced PicnicAI, the groundbreaking technology that unlocks the Universal Patient Record. PicnicAI collects medical records from everywhere in the U.S. and transforms them into meaningful data for patients and researchers. It is powered by a proprietary, industry-leading LLM that outperforms GPT-4 and healthcare industry-specific models in accuracy, efficiency, and cost on tasks that involve structuring or understanding medical records.

PicnicAI is the backbone for both the company's patient and life sciences products. PicnicHealth's patient application uses PicnicAI to power personalized care based on individual patient needs and medical history. PicnicAI also underpins PicnicHealth's life sciences product, which simplifies observational research and enables life sciences companies to meet their study endpoints faster, transforming their organizations through the responsible adoption of cutting-edge technology and AI.

"Personalized medicine requires technology like PicnicAI," says Troy Astorino, CTO and co-founder of PicnicHealth. "It has taken us a decade to build, but the results feel magical. We can now instantly construct and understand any patient's complete care journey, pulling records together from every hospital and doctor's office where that patient has been seen. This allows us to provide clinical insights to patients and our research partners with speed, efficiency, and scale not possible anywhere else. It's how patient records should work."

PicnicAI connects to 100% of U.S. care sites, eliminating the traditional barriers of fragmented or inaccessible patient data. Once patients sign up, PicnicAI provides access to most records instantly and to >95% of key records within five days. PicnicAI's LLM, trained on 350M+ annotations on records spanning 100K+ sites of care, accurately structures and abstracts a patient's complete records into usable insights. A key advantage of PicnicAI's LLM is the extensive and diverse range of its training data. This significantly reduces biases related to treatment patterns, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomics that may be prevalent in specific regions, health systems, or EMR providers.

In performance tests, PicnicAI's LLM performed 3X better than GPT-4 for clinical named entity recognition, 47% better than leading medical LLMs in record abstraction, and demonstrated 90% more cost-efficient compute per record. PicnicAI continuously validates and fine-tunes its performance through daily sampling, even on high-confidence results.

PicnicHealth is dedicated to enhancing the performance of PicnicAI and unlocking the full potential of its world-leading medical LLM and platform. Through PicnicAI's insights, PicnicHealth aims to transform the development of effective therapeutics and personal medical care.

About PicnicHealth
PicnicHealth is a leading health technology company dedicated to simplifying healthcare for everyone. To date, the company's direct-to-patient approach and innovative AI and technology platform have enabled 12 of the top 20 largest life sciences companies to run more efficient observational research while giving tens of thousands of U.S. patients access to their complete medical history. PicnicHealth was recently named one of the World's Best Digital Health Companies by Newsweek and the "Best MedTech Startup" by MedTech Breakthrough. The future is here with PicnicHealth. To learn more, visit

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