White Paper

Physicians Expand Practice Through New EMR

Source: Greenway Health

Kamran Goudarzi, MD, and his brother have a thriving vein and laser center based in Wilmington, NC. In fact, patients are coming from such a large area that the doctors are planning to add up to 10 regional clinics to bring services closer to their patients. The challenge was how to coordinate care across multiple facilities with an electronic records system they were unhappy with…one that wouldn’t meet meaningful use requirements and support the practice’s phenomenal growth. Also, “Dr. Kamran” didn’t want to return to the early days of his career, when he often didn’t see his family for days due to the non-stop workload.

After a thoughtful, year-plus search that involved the Drs. Goudarzis, their entire staff and an IT expert, they found what he calls “an ideal solution” in PrimeSUITE® — Greenway’s single-platform, fully integrated electronic health record (EHR), practice management and interoperability solution.

“From being computer-illiterate to using a computer to see 70 patients a day, that’s ease of use by anyone’s definition.”  Kamran Goudarzi, MD

You can get the full details of the practice’s EMR success when you read this case study.