News | April 15, 2013

Phreesia Partners With EHR Integration Services To Automate Patient Intake Process

Integration of electronic self-service check-in solution helps clinics reliably collect patient information and payments

EHR Integration Services (EHR IS), a leading healthcare data management service company that transforms complex data integration issues into clinical and operational workflow improvements, recently announced it has partnered with Phreesia, the patient check-in company, to integrate its point-of-service patient intake solution into medical practices. Under the terms of the agreement, Phreesia will utilize EHR IS to integrate its tablet-based, self-service solution with existing practice management and electronic health record (EHR) systems to maximize workflow efficiency at client facilities.  In addition, EHR IS will promote Phreesia to its growing base of customer practices.  By having patients check in with an electronic, touchscreen PhreesiaPad instead of a traditional paper-based clipboard, clinicians can digitally collect and store critical patient data during check-in—increasing cash flow, saving staff time and engaging patients at the point of service.

“Clipboards and paper documentation often lead to illegible and incomplete information,” said Craig Luce, president, EHR Integration Services.  “This leads to transcription errors and administrative billing and clinical hassles.  Integrating Phreesia’s comprehensive check-in solution into existing EHRs will help clinics improve efficiency and productivity at the point of care.  In assisting Phreesia by leveraging our data integration tools and data workflow enhancement expertise , we are able to demonstrate our collective commitment to providing simple solutions that offer the ultimate level of patient data management in a paperless environment.”

Phreesia’s self-service platform captures complete patient information, verifies insurance and deductible detail in real time, and automatically asks patients to pay their copayments and balances directly on the PhreesiaPad before they see their clinician. Phreesia is HIPAA-compliant and captures electronic signatures on all required consent forms.  Now used by thousands of medical practices and millions of patients nationwide, Phreesia increases cash flow, streamlines the intake process, and engages patients at the point of care to improve patient-clinician dialogue and enhance overall quality of care.

“Phreesia is an optimal platform for engaging patients in their own healthcare documentation,” said Phreesia CEO Chaim Indig.  “During check-in, patients enter their complete demographic and clinical information on the PhreesiaPad, which triggers questions specifically targeted to their current health status. In this way, Phreesia is able to easily elicit comprehensive responses from patients, while providing them with the utmost privacy and security. We are proud to partner with EHR IS to offer a seamless bidirectional integration and workflow management solution to Centricity practices.  By automatically collecting copays, verifying deductible and insurance information, and securing private transactions, clinicians can increase cash flow, decrease accounts receivable and save time so staff members can attend to more important duties like enhancing patient care.”

About EHR Integration Services
Founded in 2006 by President Craig Luce, EHR Integration Services (EHR IS) consists of a team of skilled specialists who leverage their knowledge and experience in Healthcare IT to transform complex data integration issues into clinical and operational workflow improvements required to manage today’s electronic medical practice.  Headquartered in Skaneateles, New York, the EHR IS mission is to improve care delivery and bottom line results through “Perfect Practice”—the company’s proven consulting process and service philosophy that provides the perfect approach to data integration solutions.  The company’s offerings include consulting, EHR extraction-conversion services, interface development and training, and productivity applications.  EHR IS works closely with a few select industry leading EHR/PM vendors and is an Allscripts Certified Service Partner and GE Healthcare Professional Services Partner. For more information, visit 

About Phreesia
Phreesia, the patient check-in company, streamlines the intake process, helping medical practices increase cash flow and save staff time. Phreesia allows medical practices to effortlessly collect comprehensive patient information, verify insurance in real time, and collect payments both at the point of service and outside of the office. Phreesia also helps practices better identify and manage patients with chronic conditions by digitizing the administration of risk assessments, and ensuring that those screenings are completed, documented and fully reimbursed. Phreesia delivers fully interactive content direct to patients, and is designed to interface with clinicians’ existing and future technology. It is committed to enhancing the patient experience and enabling clinicians to stay at the forefront of patient care. For more information, visit

Source: EHR Integration Services