White Paper

Perioperative Care Plans: Critical Tools In Improving Care And Reducing Costs In The Surgical Environment

Source: Elsevier
Perioperative Care Plan

With clinical expertise that spans a patient’s surgical experience – preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative – perioperative nurses work to ensure that the highest standard of care is delivered to each individual throughout his or her journey.

The scope of professional accountabilities is broad, including the assessment, planning and implementation of the nursing care patients receive, maintaining a sterile and safe surgical environment, educating the patient and his or her family and monitoring the patients’ physical and emotional well being.

Given the level of detail required and the vulnerable status of patients undergoing what can be high-risk procedures, these registered nurses shoulder a great deal of responsibility when stakes are high.

Increasingly, healthcare providers are acknowledging the burdens and contributions of these professionals by integrating perioperative Care Plan solutions into their electronic health records (EHRs). Such decision support, must address the unique elements of the perioperative settings while connecting to the broader continuum of care.