News | August 14, 2012

PerfectServe Releases Paper On Improving Patient Experience


How St. Rita's Medical Center and PerfectServe improved patient experience of care by reducing noise and increasing time available for direct care

PerfectServe, the leading platform for intelligent clinical communication services, announced the release of a new paper, “St. Rita’s Medical Center: Improving the Patient Experience with PerfectServe.”

According to the paper, “Attention to the patient experience of care has become increasingly more important, as payers move to publicly report patient experience metrics and to tie them to reimbursement.”

Staff at St. Rita’s Medical Center in Lima, Ohio, implemented the intelligent clinical communications system in 2005 as an integral part of its plan to improve overall performance, quality and patient safety. Over the past seven years, PerfectServe has reduced communication gaps between clinicians by standardizing communication processes, facilitating the use of updated on-call schedules and monitoring and tracking delayed call-backs.

“Using PerfectServe, we are making it easier for clinicians to speak sooner, eliminating what we call the white space in that timeline, the time that provides no value to the patient,” said Dr. Herbert Schumm, vice president of medical affairs at St. Rita’s Medical Center. “Shortening that white space is a key element of improving patient satisfaction.”

According to Schumm, a key difference since implementing the system is the increased efficiency of communication between clinicians, which allows for patients to quickly receive the care they need.

“Our nurses carry portable phones. With PerfectServe, they can dial one number and speak with the physician in real time without ever leaving the bedside,” said Jodi Pahl, nursing administrator at St. Rita’s Medical Center. “It increases real-time conversations with physicians, which they appreciate because they are getting an up-to-the-minute status report when there is a problem or change.”

The paper cites five benefits that St. Rita’s Medical Center has experienced since implementing PerfectServe:

  • Improving the patient experience
  • Increasing direct care time
  • Reducing delays in care
  • Reducing noise
  • Mobilizing care teams quickly

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