Guest Column | June 7, 2018

65 Percent Of Patient-Doctor Interactions Through Mobile Devices?

By Matt Wilson, Aegis HealthTech

Digital Omnivore Doctors

With millions of mobile applications available to users and mobile based solutions being used in nearly every single healthcare organization across the world, mobile technology is a great industry anticipated to remain developing over the next many years. Some of the reports suggest that the international mobile health industry is estimated to generate more than $28 billion in 2018.

Also, according to a renowned newspaper, continued enhancement of mobile health tools is a chief point of importance among stockholders, which have put in more a lot of money in the mobile healthcare industry. Mobile applications for healthcare are a promising part of a very bright future of the healthcare industry, though, mobile’s history in easing up the lives of the humans and offering several healthcare benefits goes back decades.

One of the key advantage of the mobile based solutions is its capability of bridging the gap between the doctor and the patient. Mobile based solutions are known to have brought the doctor and patient closer than ever. Here are some of the top ways by which the mobile apps have strengthened the bond between patient and doctor:

  • Easing up the relationship

A doctor and a patient relationship, and their communication is very important. Only if a patient offers complete, detailed information to the doctor about the condition, then only the condition can be cured in a better way. And, it is important for the doctors to create a healthy and inviting environment for the patient. The patient should not feel any hesitation in sharing anything with the doctor. Now, here, patient portal apps play a very significant role. A patient can very easily communicate anything with the doctor through just a few clicks of the button. It also becomes easier for the patient to share information that he/she might feel a little shy sharing in a face to face meeting. So, in a way it is helping the patient to express himself very nicely. And, on the other hand, it is offering the doctor the advantage of treating the patient with full details of the condition.

  • Establishes trust

If a doctor is connected with the patient through the mobile application, one of the major impacts that it is going to have is that, it is going to solidify the trust of the patient. Doctor’s responsiveness and interest to assist the patient nicely will strengthen the patient’s belief on the services of the doctor. A patient will no feel more connected towards the doctor, and the belief of the patient will be amplified as well. This will in turn also result in better outcomes and patient retention. As the patient will trust the doctor’s treatment process, hence, he/she will also follow all the directives aptly to get fitter soon. Also, increased amount of trust will lead to longer patient doctor relationship.

  • Anytime Anywhere Approach

One of the mega bonanzas that a healthcare mobile app offers is that the patient can now contact the doctor at any time of the day. And, this feature becomes extremely useful at the time of an emergency. In an emergency kind of a situation a patient can seek doctor’s help with just a few taps on the phone. Also, the doctor will also find it easier to help the patient more speedily, without the time and geographical barriers.

  • Data sharing

Now, almost all the latest mobile healthcare applications allow the patient to record all the necessary information online. This helps the patient enormously. As, he/she can share the vital health records, reports etc. with the doctor online, without much hassle. The doctor can also ask for, or review important health information without having to wait for the patient’s visit at the clinic. This not only streamlines the practice, but also boosts the quality of service.

  • Doctors can easily help the patient to lead a healthier life

As the patient and doctor are connected with each other through a mobile app, therefore, it becomes smoother for the care provider to share important health information in a jiffy. The doctor can also choose to share important articles, dietary information, videos etc. to help the patient not just get fit faster, but to lead a healthier life.


The mobile revolution has certainly bought the care provider and the seeker much closer than before. Patients not only find it easy to contact their doctor at any time of the day, but also find it much smoother to share everything that is related to the condition. Mobile apps have largely benefited the healthcare industry, and the future of the mobile evolution in the healthcare industry seems brighter than ever!