Webinar | November 24, 2015

Patient Engagement: The Complexity Behind The Buzzword

Source: Elsevier
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Seatbelts are required by law in the manufacture of cars to be sold in the United States, and legislated to be worn by drivers and passengers in many states and locales. Yet seatbelts only improve safety if they are actually buckled.

Seatbelts and patients have much in common. In the rapidly-evolving world of healthcare — one in which provider reimbursement and even financial viability are at risk — doctors are feeling threatened by scrutiny of clinical outcomes and care costs, often overlooking the critical need to buckle our seatbelts: to truly include patients in the reform equation.

Dr. Peter Edelstein, CMO at Elsevier Clinical Solutions, is a surgeon, author, and recognized patient engagement expert who will provide an honest and unique perspective on patient engagement beginning with an analysis of the complexity behind the buzzword.

Dr. Edelstein shares his perspective on today’s varied patient populations in order to empower you to more appropriately develop and channel your limited financial and human resources as you drive to truly engage your patients and move toward consistently higher value healthcare.

A highly sought after speaker who has lectured widely on patient empowerment both in the U.S. and abroad, Dr. Edelstein is frequently asked to share his novel healthcare perspectives in the print media and on radio and television.

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