News Feature | August 25, 2016

Partnership Focuses On Improving Post-Acute Care

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

The Trusted Advisor

Predictive analytics and risk stratification help enhance quality of care and improve outcomes.

A collaborative partnership between Pathway Health, a post-acute consulting services, executive search, interim management and education services firm, and Virtual Health, a provider of population health management technology for value-based care, is designed to improve post-acute care through predictive analytics and risk stratification.

The partnership means Virtual Health’s platform will provide Pathway Health’s clients with the data, tools, and business intelligence to foster collaboration across the continuum of care. It also allows post-acute providers to sustain performance improvement and support at-risk payment models.

As the first end-to-end ecosystem purpose-built to support value-based care, Virtual Health will equip the post-acute experts at Pathway Health with predictive analytics, risk stratification, clinical analysis, and workflow management tools to optimally support value-based care initiatives, enhance quality of care, and most importantly, improve patient outcomes.

“We are pleased to team up with innovative partners who contribute to our clients’ success in the new era of healthcare reform,” said Pathway Health Chief Executive Officer, Peter B. Schuna. “Virtual Health’s technology platform will help streamline our clients’ quality and disease-state management processes, reduce hospital readmission rates and improve overall efficiencies.”

Data analytics will certainly be an indispensable part of the shift to value-based care payment models, helping healthcare providers identify and address key solutions to reducing costs and improving outcomes. As Health IT Outcomes pointed out, healthcare facilities must work to ensure that the entire organization is on the same playing field when it comes to data analytics tools.

“Virtual Health is the first end-to-end ecosystem purpose-built to support value-based care, connecting key players, improving patient care delivery and reducing costs,” said Virtual Health Chief Executive Officer and Founder Adam Sabloff. “This collaboration equips Pathway Health’s post-acute care experts with the most comprehensive technology in the marketplace as they work with cross-functional teams to enhance collaboration, quality of care, and patient outcomes.”