News Feature | November 18, 2016

Partnership Expands Digital Health Coaching, Patient Engagement

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

HTO Patient Engagement

Wellness Corporate Solutions and Zillion Group work together to improve health outcomes.

More than three-quarters (76 percent) of adults surveyed reported they would use a health tracking device that was clinically accurate and user friendly, according to a Society for Participatory Medicine survey conducted in conjunction with health technology company biotricity. Ultimately, the study found a willingness of patients to collaborate with their healthcare providers to co-produce their clinical data.

“What this survey points out is that patients want to become engaged in their own health and collaborate with their healthcare professionals,” explained Daniel Z. Sands, MD, MPH, co-founder and co-chair of the Society for Participatory Medicine. “Patients view themselves as key contributors of health data to manage their own health between visits, and to share during visits. Ultimately, we believe that this will lead to improved patient outcomes and lower costs to the healthcare system.”

Additionally, 87 percent think it’s important to monitor their own biometrics and 84 percent prefer to track their own medical health data to better manage their health. According to biotricity, 57 percent of the surveyed adults would share their data with a clinician, whereas 13 percent said it would only be for personal use, and 5 percent said only for professional use. 

In fact, many patients are eager and willing to follow-up with their physicians more often than the doctors require. To help bridge the gap between self-monitoring and remote patient monitoring, Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS), a provider of coaching, biometric screening, and customized wellness solutions for private and public-sector organizations, and Zillion Group, Inc., a technology solution for digital engagement, have announced a strategic partnership to enhance cost-effective, scalable digital health coaching solutions.

“Where we bring the most value to the patient is giving them the ability to check in with someone more frequently than the check-ins they’d have post-procedure with the doctor,” said Melissa McDonough, Director of Coaching Operations. “Patients receive support, accountability, and motivation from our health coaches and it’s invaluable to improving outcomes with the procedure. We are also there to support the provider to manage the patients with lifestyle changes that will be necessary.”

Healthcare providers can provide their patients with a variety of one-on-one coaching sessions along with online virtual group-based sessions anytime, anywhere via face-to-face live video conferencing, including one-to-one, group and webcast scheduled or on-demand.