News Feature | September 13, 2016

Partnership Designed To Accelerate Patient Recruitment For Clinical Trials

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer


Leapcure to bring turnkey patient recruitment tools to

A newly-formed partnership is aiming to help researchers accelerate the patient recruitment process for their clinical trials. Patient engagement solutions provider Leapcure has teamed up with in order to help scientists better recruit patients for their clinical trials.

Finding and matching patients for clinical trials can often be a difficult and lengthy task, but this partnership is leveraging big data analytics in order to accelerate that process. is another service that works to provide patients and healthcare professionals and researchers with a resource to match potential subjects with open clinical trials.

“The way organizations recruit and engage patients for clinical trials is changing, and Leapcure is empowering organizations with the tools they need to reach and retain the right patients,” said Zachary Gobst, chief executive officer of Leapcure. “By partnering with, we will allow their worldwide membership to connect with reliable patient recruitment services and technology with the same ease of transaction they have come to expect when they purchase other research services on the marketplace.”

With Leapcure’s Adaptive Patient Screening Platform (APSP), users can recruit patients based on particular study criteria such as conditions, inclusion/exclusion criteria, location, and procedure, resulting in better quality patient recruitment in an accelerated timetable. It also helps to boost patient retention throughout the trial.

“Traditional patient recruitment efforts are long, expensive, require significant resources, and don’t always yield the results wanted,” said Kevin Lustig PhD, chief executive officer of, “Leapcure, which will be available across our entire network of pharmaceutical marketplaces, allows users to optimize their patient recruitment and retention efforts while achieving significant operational efficiencies.”