News | February 25, 2011

One-Third Of Ambulatory Practices To Replace EMRs - Big Names Fill The Void

Replacement surge sets up Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, Epic and NextGen for compelling ambulatory EMR growth, according to a new KLAS study.

Already a hot market, ambulatory EMR sales - both first-time and replacement - have shot up again over the last year, and though options are more plentiful than ever, health care providers are leaning toward the tried-and-true, according to a new report by KLAS.

For the new report, Ambulatory EMR: Win Rates, Replacements, and Provider Loyalty, KLAS conducted nearly 400 provider interviews to identify the ambulatory market's purchasing trends and interest in various EMR products. A key trend, according to the report, the rate of ambulatory EMR replacement has accelerated over the last year.

"Replacements of existing ambulatory EMRs are happening at an alarming rate," commented Mark Wagner, KLAS director of ambulatory research and author of the report. "Overall, 35 percent of all providers interviewed for this report are replacing their existing EMRs. This includes nearly a third of the smallest practices, as well as 43 percent of groups with 100-plus physicians."

According to the report, health care professionals are turning to vendors they perceive as enduring and stable. Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, Epic and NextGen represent the best-known and most considered vendors in this study.

"Despite the perceived safety of more well-known solutions, the overall pool of vendors considered by providers is broader this year than in any previous report," Wagner said. "However, though many providers are attracted to the specialized features and workflows of some lesser-known products, they most often opt for the security of an established brand name. Providers believe these vendors will survive the transition to the meaningful-use future."

In Ambulatory EMR: Win Rates, Replacements, and Provider Loyalty, the most popular vendor was Allscripts, considered in 16 percent of deals; it was followed by Epic (12 percent) and NextGen (10 percent). This report also highlights AdvancedMD, athenahealth, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, e-MDs, GE Healthcare, Greenway, McKesson and Sage.

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