OnBase Application Enabler

Source: KeyMark Inc.
The OnBase Application Enabler is a product that seamlessly integrates virtually any software application with documents and processes managed in OnBase.

The OnBase Application Enabler is a product that seamlessly integrates virtually any software application with documents and processes managed in OnBase. This non-intrusive integration is achieved with no API programming, scripting or modifications to the user's application. Since this interaction can be achieved by a simple point-and-click configuration, administrators can create custom integrations that perfectly match the users' requirements and are flexible enough to change and evolve alongside the business.

Hundreds of applications, such as ERP, CRM, accounting or other transactional systems, have been "AppEnabled" to allow OnBase users to index and retrieve documents, automatically generate OnBase workflows and Microsoft Word documents and create bar-coded cover sheets without ever leaving the applications in which they work every day. Because Application Enabler works as an extension of the familiar interface, the disruption to employee routines is minimal.

How documents are retrieved and presented to the user can be adapted to meet the needs of the business and the individual user. Without manual intervention, specific documents can be linked to fields within the line-of-business application (e.g., an invoice image can be retrieved when an invoice number is clicked), or an entire virtual folder can be linked to a field or screen (e.g., the entire tabbed customer folder can be presented to a user who clicks on the customer name). For users who need a fast way to retrieve documents by entering a specific value (such as a PO number), an OnBase custom query can be displayed within the business application.

Once documents have been retrieved, they can be reviewed, cross-referenced, annotated and managed utilizing all available OnBase functions. In addition to these document management functions, Application Enabler can deliver Workflow execution functionality to the line-of-business application. Data within an application can be passed to an OnBase workflow using an automatically generated e-form for evaluation, processing and routing. This data can be configured to trigger or participate within a business process.

The Application Enabler can use the documents and metadata 'mapped' to the user's screens for importing documents into the OnBase system. For example, Application Enabler can generate indexing bar code sheets with data from the user's application. This functionality not only enables businesses to incorporate paper-based documents into their content management system, but to also link those documents directly with data resident in the application. For example, the workflow could notify a manager that an invoice requiring immediate attention has been entered into the line-of-business application based on a keyword value.

Application Enabler can apply metadata retrieved from the line of business application and use it to index images scanned in real time (such as those captured with Front Office Scanning) or in a disconnected environment as well as documents captured using Virtual Print Driver or EDM Services. Web-based scanning and indexing capabilities support remote workforces.

Metadata captured with Application Enabler can also be used to populate Microsoft Word templates which can be automatically distributed using Workflow and stored as OnBase documents. For instance, an invoice exception may generate a letter to the vendor explaining that a specific invoice number has a discrepancy and the amount of that discrepancy.

Application Enabler is ideal for organizations that want to eliminate the need for users to leave their primary business application to consult paper files or navigate between disconnected systems to get the information they need to perform daily tasks. Redundant data entry is also eliminated as there is no need to enter data into both a business application and a document management system. Organizations that realize the benefits of document and content management but fear the impact on productivity and user acceptance would also benefit from a cost-effective Application Enabler integration.

Core Features

  • Seamless integration of the OnBase document repository with the line-of-business application for indexing and retrieval
  • No programming or modification to the line-of-business application required
  • Add functionality to the applications users already know virtually eliminates training
  • Flexible integration can be easily adapted to changing user requirements by authorized administrators
  • Many different time-saving tasks such as workflow, e-form generation, document creation and more, can be accomplished from a enabled screen