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Nurses Lighten The Load With Converged Mobile Devices

Source: Honeywell
Converged Mobile Devices

Legacy IT solutions have left nurses and other caregivers saddled with an array of proprietary devices including pagers, VOIP phones, barcode scanners, voice pendants, and other hardware. Migrating to a new converged mobile device platform can lighten the load for the nursing staff, both literally and figuratively.

So what is a converged mobile device? In essences they are durable smartphones with added key features for nursing workflows. This type of device is not just a consumer-grade, off-the-shelf smartphone. The mobile device must include a hospital-grade barcode scanner; provide extended battery life sufficient to last an entire shift on a single charge; be rugged enough to be dropped to concrete without shattering the display; and be able to withstand regular cleaning with caustic, hospital-grade disinfectant cleansers.

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