Case Study

Novant Health Reduces Transcription TAT From Days To Hours, Doubles MT Productivity

Source: Nuance Communications

Novant Health was using Nuance’s Dictaphone Voice and Text system for dictation and transcription. Adding background speech recognition with Nuance Healthcare’s Turbo Speech was a logical next step. Turbo Speech operates in the background, creating formatted drafts transcriptionists can edit rather than type.

To train MTs, Nuance Healthcare provided a high level of professional services. Working in small groups, half-day sessions were sufficient to make MTs comfortable with the process. Almost immediately, transcriptionists reported that editing was far less taxing physically than typing documents from audio. Fortunately, at a time of several competing initiatives, the implementation required limited IT and HIM resources.
As Novant’s MTs began reviewing and editing highly accurate formatted drafts, physicians dictated as usual, ensuring widespread adoption. And as Nuance Healthcare’s proprietary Smart ReWrite™ technology learns the structure and style of each clinician’s dictation by analyzing completed documents and MT corrections, quality and accuracy improve consistently.