News | November 5, 2015

Next Generation Primary Care Has Arrived

Wisconsin Startup Live with 70,000+ Member Health System Partner in Springfield, IL

Intellivisit officially launched its revolutionary new primary care platform last month when Memorial Health System customers begin gaining access to "MemorialMD Smartvisit." This week, customers began receiving targeted communications instructing them how to access the new service. The full scale deployment now underway between Memorial and Intellivisit marks a significant milestone for the Wisconsin startup, which has gone from concept to revenue generation in just 18 months.

“We’ve spent the last year working with Memorial to design and test our technology to ensure integration and quality patient outcomes,” said Jay Mason, Co-Founder and CEO. “We think the future is in providing on-demand care options for our patients,” said Travis Dowell, CEO of Memorial Physician Services. We’re starting to see a shift in our marketplace where consumers want to receive convenient, online, and timely care and believe Intellivisit’s application is a superior product to provide our patients, said Dowell.

Users need only answer a short, dynamic series of questions regarding their symptoms. From there, Intellivisit’s artificial intelligence platform pores through more than 225 million clinical data points and more than 30,000 hours of physician curation to help the clinician diagnose the problem. The resulting probabilistic medical graph presents relevant data in much the same way a search engine does, generating critical information and recommendations that enable a local Advanced Practice Nurse or primary care physician to make an accurate diagnoses without requiring a scheduled appointment to a physician office or clinic.

First generation virtual health providers differed from traditional, in-person primary care only from the standpoint of where patients were. Users were simply directed to virtual “waiting rooms” rather than physical ones and physician/patient consultations were still limited by time and knowledge constraints.

The Intellivisit platform is an asynchronous system, meaning it does not require patients to wait at a computer screen or telephone for a clinician to respond.

“This creates flexibility for patients,” said Mason. “For example, users might log in to the web site and submit symptoms just after waking up, then move forward with their day – taking children to school, going to work, attending a meeting. Intellivisit notifies the patient when a diagnosis is read, typically within an hour. Patients then log in at a place and time that’s convenient for them to review their diagnosis and see a customized treatment plan, including e-filled prescriptions, if needed.”

The Intellivisit platform improves outcomes and customer service in primary care in the same way that technologies have advanced consumer experiences for everything from dining out, shopping for groceries, purchasing airline tickets, booking a hotel and more.

Ultimately, this innovative new approach to primary care frees up physicians to spend more time with the patients who most need in-person care, and saves valuable time for consumers and large employers alike, all while reducing overall health care costs.

About Intellivisit
Intellivisit CEO Jay Mason has built several successful healthcare companies, including the innovative MyHealthDIRECT. Located in Waukesha, WI, the Intellivisit team includes President Drew Palin, M.D., Chief Operating Officer Jeff Miller, and Chief Innovation Officer Michael Eaton.

Among the many investors and advisors to the company is former Wisconsin Governor and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy G. Thompson.

“Wisconsin has been a national leader and innovator in making health care better,” said Thompson. “Intellivisit is a Wisconsin company that continues this tradition by working to reduce primary care costs while dramatically improving access and convenience. This is exactly the type of Wisconsin company I love to champion.”

Intellivisit has signed letters of intent from multiple large employers and continues to pursue relationships with health systems and additional large employers.

The elegant, yet simple design and active partnership with local clinicians allows Intellivisit to serve as a virtual front door for primary care that improves quality, motivates patient engagement, and lowers costs. This first-of-its-kind platform combines the power of dynamic cognitive science with a smart-scheduling exchange to address health issues that don’t require an in person visit quickly, and to route those who do require in person treatment to the right clinician.

Source: Intellivisit