News Feature | March 1, 2016

Network Of 150 Radiologists, Two Million Studies Will Enable Better Care

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

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Candescent Health and Sheridan Healthcare partner to provide continuous operational improvement.

Candescent Health has announced the expansion of its contract with Sheridan Healthcare, Inc. to create a network of more than 150 radiologists covering more than two million radiology studies. This move will improve clinical consistency, increase physician efficiencies, and drive greater healthcare value for its hospital partners and patients.

Last fall, Candescent Health launched a software-enabled service allowing radiologists to optimize clinical performance, increase efficiencies, and deliver the most efficient and effective quality of care, as Health IT Outcomesreported.

Interpreting 4.5 million studies in total each year, Sheridan Healthcare is the largest hospital-based radiology practice in the United States. “When we say we provide high-performance, standards-based imaging innovations, we mean it,” said Maria Rodriguez, M.D., Senior Vice President of Radiology Services at Sheridan Healthcare. “We’ve seen first-hand how Candescent’s RadPerform solution can help radiologists deliver better, more efficient patient care and we’re excited about integrating this solution across more of our practices.”

“Radiologists are a critical component of healthcare delivery,”said Scott Seidelmann, founder and CEO of Candescent Health. “Candescent Health helps radiologists practice at the top of their license by getting them the right information, connecting them more efficiently with clinicians, and understanding their performance in order to effectively improve the way that they deliver care. Through technology, Candescent Health will enable radiologists to transform the way that radiology is delivered and fundamentally drive greater healthcare value.”

Leveraging Candescent’s software-enabled service, RadPerform, Sheridan Healthcare has been able to optimize and continuously improve operations within its subsidiary Radisphere, resulting in a substantial reduction in error rates (29 percent below published benchmarks) and significant improvements in productivity (20 percent above industry standards). Sheridan will now expand Candescent’s services to its South Florida practice interpreting a combined 800,000 studies annually.

Dr. Chad Kelman, Chief Medical Director of the Southern Florida practice,said, “As radiologists, we continue to explore innovative technologies. As we enter this new healthcare era, it is imperative to demonstrate transparency in our profession and understand what operational modifications are required to enable improved quality to our patient population while concurrently increasing workflow efficiencies and maintaining highest-level radiologist satisfaction. By aligning with Candescent Health, we plan on achieving this strategic goal.”

Candescent Health also announced a multi-year partnership with another top U.S. radiology practice and medical innovator, the Cleveland Clinic, last October. “The healthcare model of the future requires that we find better, more efficient ways to provide services,” explained Toby Cosgrove, M.D., president and CEO of Cleveland Clinic. “That will only happen through technological advances that lower costs, drive efficiencies and allow doctors to put patients first. This partnership will help the radiology improve quality and productivity by expanding technology and clinical expertise to health systems throughout the country.”

“Radiology now has an unparalleled opportunity to leverage technology and services in a way that truly delivers greater healthcare value. We’re proud to be partnering with transformative practices like Sheridan Healthcare and Cleveland Clinic and we’re confident their investments will help their organizations face today’s industry challenges,” said Seidelmann.