News Feature | April 17, 2014

Moving From Data Capturing To Data Management

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Data Capturing To Data Management

Kodak Alaris develops new software for intelligent document management

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

With the recent advancements in the healthcare industry, greater and greater attention has been placed on document storing, sharing, and data protection. Document Imaging is the future, and one company, Kodak Alaris, is not only jumping on the DI bandwagon, they are routing it down an entirely different road.

In an interview with the Democrat & Chronicle, Kodak Alaris CEO Ralf Gerbershagen discussed the state and future of the firm spun out of Kodak's bankruptcy, addressing the strong opportunities on both the Personal Imaging and Document Imaging sides of the business. The company has introduced new software, called Info Insight, which goes beyond data capturing to intelligent document management.

Gerbershagen said, “And we have licensed a software piece, Info Insight, that allows us to migrate from just data capturing. The scanner scans it, the software reads it and knows what it is, and then feeds it to the entire company where the document needs to go. It's all automatic.”

He promised, “We're going from data capture to intelligent document management. The software has a fair amount of intelligence, so it can read the content and direct it to the various departments where it's supposed to go. This is an emerging market. This is a significant opportunity for the DI business around the world.”

According to its website, Info Insight is a comprehensive suite of solutions, suitable for a broad range of businesses, which allows them to automate processes and address input capture, analysis, understanding, and enrichment of key information. It provides intelligent understanding and management of incoming documents and customer communications, regardless of format and structure.

The Info Insight Platform not only reduces processing costs but also helps increase customer satisfaction by improving customer service, allowing organizations to make better decisions faster and more efficiently.

DI technology is crucial in healthcare, where emphasis is being placed on exchange and security of patient data. The pressure to comply with HIPAA and other federal guidelines means increased interest in technologies to ease the transfer and storage of data.

To address these urgent health IT communication needs, Kodak Alaris and Inofile have partnered to offer the ConnectCare Solution, structured direct patient information solution featuring INOFILE Kno2™ software. Based on easily implemented, cloud-based software that captures and manages patient information regardless of its source or format, the software transforms and structures patient information and provides a secure Direct Messaging capability within the DirectTrust framework. This solution helps to transition patient information between EMR and non-EMR providers to complete the Continuum of Care and offers a secure fax alternative.

Kodak Alaris has begun the run, and other companies are sure to follow. Intelligent document management is the wave of the future.