News Feature | August 12, 2015

Most Health Organizations Lack Digital Health Strategy

Katie Wike

By Katie Wike, contributing writer

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According to a Validic survey, more than half of organizations report being behind when it comes to creating a digital health strategy.

Four hundred and fifty healthcare organizations recently answered Validic’s call to share their digital health strategies. What researchers discovered was the majority of respondents are either behind or have no digital health strategy in place.

According to Validic, “Digital health is information technology, inclusive of both hardware and software solutions, which enables the managing, tracking and analyzing of an individual or population’s health and wellness.”

“The purpose of this survey was to provide the healthcare ecosystem with an important update and valuable insights on the progress the industry is making with digital health,” Validic Chief Marketing Officer Chris Edwards said in an announcement.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they were either behind on their digital health strategy or did not have one in place. The other portion (41 percent) of healthcare organizations say they are on schedule with implementing and executing their strategy.

“We are seeing strong examples of companies who are innovating and making progress leveraging digital health to help them advance their overall business. It was interesting to find that more than half of healthcare organizations say they have no digital health strategy or are behind schedule. We know these companies are looking for a way to accelerate their digital health initiatives, and that is why we wanted share this information, as well as provide some commonalities of thriving healthcare organizations. Digital health is moving from being a competitive, speed-to-market advantage to being a vital component of a company’s success and relevance in the new healthcare landscape. Now is the time to be executing.”

“In today’s healthcare landscape, formulating and executing a digital health strategy must be a priority for all healthcare organizations,” Validic CEO and Co-founder Ryan Beckland said in the recent MobiHealthNews Digital Health Trends webinar. “We are experiencing transformative shifts in the way we deliver, access and think about healthcare. And, the major driver of this shift is the rapid pace of digital health innovation and adoption.”