Guest Column | May 23, 2013

Modern Healthcare: 10 Healthcare Innovations That Might Change The World


By Justin Boyle, originally published on

Take a look at 10 up-and-comers in the ever-changing space of healthcare tech. Innovation in healthcare is non-stop, and startups like these might offer the next big breakthrough in the way we look after our bodies and psyche. Some of these forward-thinkers and inventors were inspired by their personal experience as the family of patients or medical professionals. These innovations in healthcare join numerous other procedures, devices and services that have emerged recently to help providers give better care to patients, or help patients take better care of themselves:

  • 1DocWay wants to make it easier for you to see a doctor. Billing itself as "telemedicine," this New York startup intends to take some of the stress off of consumers as well as providers by making it possible to conduct psychiatric and medical business of a less serious nature by video-chat. Patients don't need to take time off work and make an extra trip for an appointment. The startup website AngelList names the founding team as Samir and Mubeen Malik and Danish Munir, in charge of code.

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