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White Paper: Mobility In Nursing Brings Power To The Point Of Care

Source: Quest Solution

Improving medical care at the point of patient contact is one of the most important goals in healthcare today, and in any hospital, the healthcare workers who spend the most time directly caring for patients are nurses. When nurses have mobile voice, mobile data, and advanced data capture tools always at their fingertips, they can take action wherever they are resulting in a more efficient nursing workforce and improved patient safety.

In order to improve care at the patient-nurse connection point, hospitals need to overcome the challenges that plague today's nursing workforce — challenges that increase the opportunity for error at the bedside and reduce the amount of time nurses have to devote to direct patient care. When you give your nurses real-time access to the right information and the right people at the point of care, you give them the tools they need to address these challenges and deliver top-quality patient care.

Furthermore, regulations in the healthcare world are changing and increasing, forcing hospitals to figure out how to comply within the required timeframe. The mobile nurse is equipped to rapidly and accurately capture documentation via a bar code scan, the entry of information on the keypad, or even the electronic capture of a patient identification, such as a driver's license or insurance card. As a result, not only does mobility allow you to comply with regulations now, but it also provides the future-proofing to ensure cost-effective compliance with the regulations of tomorrow.

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