Guest Column | May 2, 2018

Mobile Technology Is Revamping The Healthcare Domain!

By Matt Wilson, Aegis HealthTech

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Business approaches and strategies have evolved enormously over the years. The avant-garde business schemes are a result of the rapid incorporation of several technological tools that have fastened up and automated tasks to make the business processes much more efficient, smoother and simpler and yes, highly productive.

The era of gadgets and smartphones has simplified the communication process. Not only communication, we have access to a myriad apps that make our everyday life a lot easier. From buying grocery to purchasing furniture, from ordering food to doing travel bookings, smartphones is not only making it easy to perform tasks but is saving a loads of time of the busy generation as well. Apart from that, it is benefiting the industries in a great way as well. Companies are able to reach a wider audience thanks to the mobile devices. Almost every industry is making full use of the mobile technology to make it big in the business world. 

And, with the advancement of social media everyone is always linked to a millions others, irrespective of the terrestrial boundaries. Mobile technology has already taken the corporate world by storm. The drift towards smartphones has been revolutionizing the economic landscape, and it has even changed the way companies’ create, plan and distribute messages.

Impact of mobile technology on healthcare

The effect of mobile technology on the healthcare domain is going to immense as well. People are already using smartphones to look for important health information online.  And, there is an unprecedented opportunity for all the healthcare providers across the world to spread their wings as well as revamp the healthcare landscape. Utilization of mobile technology is by far one of the best ways to enhance the quality of healthcare in a plenty of ways.

Enriching the bond between the care provider and seeker

As a vast majority of people stay glued to their phones forever, hence, care providers also find it easier to stay connected with their patients through the smartphone. A few of the latest applications have the features which enable the care seeker to share all the important medical information with the doctors through the app. This not only helps the doctor to make better decisions but also helps him to keep a record of the information. Online appointments, sending reminders to the patient, seeking help through chats, accessing latest prescriptions and reports etc. are a few usages of a healthcare mobile applications.  Also, a plenty of cutting-edge mobile apps that enable the care provider to share health information, tips or important articles in the form of articles with the patient.

Expanding the reach

Mobile technology is benefiting various industries to get more traction, and same is with the healthcare domain.

It is observed that a great number of mobile users look for healthcare information online, irrespective of the fact that whether the information provided is correct or not. This has made evident that the mobile technology has already greatly impacted the healthcare industry. Now, the care seeker has also started looking for doctors through various mobile applications. Hence, doctors are accessible through healthcare apps will automatically get more traction than the others. Therefore, many doctors have already started using the mobile applications to expand their reach and attract more patients.

Also, there are options to write reviews and feedbacks about the doctors, so if the care provided by the doctor is good, he is sure to get some good reviews, which will further help him to catch the fancy of more patients.

Better Decision Making

One of the biggest advantages of the advent of mobile technology in healthcare is the provision to offer better care. As mobile apps make it easier to the care providers and seekers to save important health related information online, therefore, it is easier for the doctor to make better decisions by using the information stored. In fact, it even allows you to access every bit of medical information. This certainly helps the care provider to take quality health decisions. Also, the analytics tools and other features make it easier for the doctors to take better care of their patients.


The new industrial revolution, digital technologies are going to be both disruptive and transformative. Also, with the continues evolvement of technologies, like virtual reality,  Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence are going to amplify the possibilities for healthcare technology in diagnosis as well as treatment in health care. Healthcare it Professional Services have to just make use of the right form of technological offering to enhance the quality of care.