News Feature | March 25, 2014

Mobile Payment From Anywhere In The Hospital

Katie Wike

By Katie Wike, contributing writer

Mobile Payment Hospitals

App allows for payment from anywhere in the hospital, even bedside

InstaMed launched a new app - InstaMed Go - that allows providers to accept payments bedside rather than sending patients another department to pay for their stay.

“What’s great about that is we’re definitely seeing a huge shift in the service environment to tablets where healthcare providers and staff are going to the patient even within that setting,” CTO Chris Seib told MobiHealthNews. “By enabling our apps to be there on a mobile or tablet device, you can do the business side there too, if you so choose, so we’re definitely seeing that as a use case.”

The app is not only useful for large hospitals, it can be utilized in emergency rooms, home offices, and small practices as well - anywhere a physician would work with a patient.

“The ability to use InstaMed Go with our mobile devices has helped us to significantly increase front office collections by accepting payments at all patient interaction points,” said Debby Essex, Director of Admissions at Aspen Valley Hospital in a press release.

“Instead of asking a patient to go to another desk to pay, our staff can collect payments using iPads during bedside discharge. Since patients have more places and opportunities to pay, we are collecting more payments during patient visits and ensuring the patient responsibility is paid. The ability to access payment information and reporting tools from my iPad is also wonderful because I’m constantly traveling between our various locations. Regardless of where I am, I can check our balance for the day or access real-time reports.”

“The growing use of mobile in healthcare offers providers new opportunities to collect patient payments in more places than ever before,” said Bill Marvin, President and CEO of InstaMed. “As healthcare organizations go mobile, they need to be aware of the compliance and security risks. InstaMed Go is independently certified and accredited for the highest levels of compliance and security for both healthcare and payment processing, delivering a simple and secure way to collect and manage healthcare payments.”