5100 – 5900 MHz 3-Stage Power Amplifier: QPA9501

5100 – 5900 MHz 3-Stage Power Amplifier: QPA9501

The QPA9501 is a high-power amplifier module from Qorvo designed for 5G, pre-5G small cell BTS, and Wi-Fi bands from 5100 to 5900 MHz within LTE-U/LAA applications. The module comprises an internally matched 3-stage power amplifier (PA), a compensated DC biasing circuit, and an output power detector. 

The QPA9501 features high gain of 32 dB, and -47 dBc ACLR at Pout of 22 dBm with a 20 MHz LTE signal without any DPD. It includes chipset logic that is compatible with control voltages and a buffered PA enable pin, all of which draw very low current for simple use and compatibility with current and future transceivers.

Additional QPA9501 features include:

  • Internally Matched Input / Output
  • Temperature Compensated Bias Network
  • Integrated CMOS Compatible Logic and Shutdown
  • Supply Voltage: +3.3 V to +5.0 V
  • Leadless 4.0 x 4.0 x 0.85 mm Pb-Free QFN Package

For additional information such as absolute maximum ratings, recommended operating conditions, and electrical specifications, download the QPA9501 datasheet.

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