Datasheet | March 21, 2012

MedEx® - Advanced Forms Automation For Healthcare Datasheet

Source: Bottomline Technologies

Patient care, operational efficiency and financial viability are all tied to the quality of printed documents that drive your patient care, supply requisition and bill-to-payment cycle processes. Too often, your hospital information systems rely on pre-printed forms, manual data entry and archaic embossing systems to link the print job to its underlying process. Pre-printed forms are costly and cumbersome, and manual data entry can lead to errors of interpretation that compromise patient safety. Now there's a better way.

Benefits of MedEx

  • Increased patient safety
  • Improved clinician productivity
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Decreased cost to the hospital

MedEx® is critical in streamlining the registration process by allowing on-demand access to registration forms. Through HL7 Interfaces to virtually any hospital information system, MedEx provides the most up-to-date patient information for registration boosting the patient experience. When experiencing downtime with healthcare information systems, whether scheduled or unscheduled, MedEx allows you to continue to register patients and produce critical admission documents with its HIPAA compliant user interface.