News | August 27, 2012

Medeanalytics Launches Medicare Insight Resource Center To Clarify Impact Of Existing Legislative Requirements And Presidential Candidate Proposals

Center is unique, one-stop national source for straight talk about Medicare

MedeAnalytics, a leading provider of healthcare performance management solutions, has launched the Medicare Insight Resource Center as a service to healthcare industry executives and policy professionals trying to understand, and plan for, the impact of the myriad legislative requirements affecting Medicare. The center also provides comparisons of alternative Medicare reform plans, including those of President Obama, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan.

One-Stop Resource for Answers, Important Planning Tool
“Trying to make sense of the Medicare picture is challenging at best,” says Ken Perez, MedeAnalytics’ director of healthcare policy and senior vice president of marketing. “In this day of sound bites and partisan misinformation, our resource center fills a critical need, by providing answers in one place to some of the biggest questions about where Medicare is headed and how hospitals and other healthcare organizations will be affected. We envision this will serve as an important planning tool for the healthcare industry.”

Current, Objective, Nonpartisan Information
Perez notes that the center—an aggregation of the most definitive, authoritative and current resources—answers major questions about Medicare in an objective, nonpartisan way. “The information we present is based on extensive research and analysis of key primary sources, including documents from the Congressional Budget Office and several other nonpartisan organizations.”

Issues factored into the resource center analysis include the Affordable Care Act; the Budget Control Act of 2011 or the “debt deal,” which requires a two-percent reduction to Medicare; and the sustainable growth rate (SGR) and the so-called “doc fix.” “Each of these three legislative areas could pose a significant threat to hospital finances for many years,” says Perez, who notes that the Medicare picture is complicated by potential policy changes that could be determined by the outcome of the presidential and congressional elections.

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