Case Study

Main Line Health Takes Team Approach To Mobile Cart Rollout

Source: Futura Mobility

In healthcare, great emphasis is placed on medical advances and technology. Sometimes in the pursuit of improving patient outcomes we fail to see the forest for the trees, and some of the key tools that drive patient service and clinical workflow get overlooked. Mobile carts are often one of these unnoticed technologies, but Main Line Health System was careful not to make this mistake. In fact, mobile carts were the focus of one of this provider’s most recent technology initiatives — an initiative that has already resulted in numerous benefits for the health system.

Main Line Health System is a leading IDN in the Northeastern U.S., with five hospitals in the greater Philadelphia area and more than 1,250 combined beds. Main Line Health’s hospitals are continually ranked “Best Regional Hospital” from the US News.

When it was time to update their fleet of mobile Point of Care Carts several options were considered. Upgrade power? Upgrade carts? Modify or retrofit? Decisions, decisions.

Main Line Health partnered with Futura Mobility to assist in the review and evaluation of all mobile cart options. Already a longtime mobile service and support vendor to Main Line Health, Futura’s firsthand knowledge of Main Line Health’s workflow and clinical needs uniquely qualified them to guide Main Line Health through the mobility maze.

In addition, Futura’s experience supporting over 1,800 hospitals (1 out of 3) in the U.S. gave them a unique perspective and awareness of technology advances in mobility and cart power system.

“Our mission was to extend the life of our mobile assets, improve reliability and speed up Power System Recharge to get carts back on the patient floor,” stated Charles Riccardi, System Director of Biomedical Engineering for Main Line Health. “We considered upgrading the power systems on our carts but when Futura presented us with a cost effective full replacement proposal with new carts that come standard with the latest Lithium Iron (LiFe) power systems we jumped at the chance to move up to the latest and greatest mobility solutions.”

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