White Paper

Leveraging Big Data And Analytics In Healthcare

Source: Intel Corporation

With the cost of mapping an individual human genome poised to break the $1,000 barrier – bringing personalized medicine closer to reality – the healthcare and life sciences industries are now grappling with managing the explosive growth of data. Applying downstream analytics in a volatile data environment, overseeing data storage and movement, and transforming the data to improve patient outcomes are just some of the challenges stakeholders face. Market drivers, however, are mitigating those issues. In the private sector, more sophisticated, innovative and robust information technology is being developed to aggregate, manage, analyze and share big data. In March 2012, the Obama Administration launched a $200 million “Big Data Research and Development Initiative,” which aims to transform the use of big data for scientifi c discovery and biomedical research, among other areas.

Now stakeholders need to come together to take advantage of market conditions and realize the value of the incredible amount of important data in a more effi cient and expeditious manner. “It is critical to collaborate with researchers and the technology ecosystem to develop innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems emerging in healthcare and life sciences today,” said Ketan Paranjape, director of life sciences and healthcare for Intel. In the spirit of collaboration and as part of the Intel Innovation Summit, the global technology leader in computing convened four thought leaders to share how their respective industries are meeting challenges and utilizing big data.

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