News | March 11, 2013

KwikBoost Charging Stations Keep People Connected On The Go


Stations installed in 2,500-plus locations nationwide in company’s first year

KwikBoost, a worldwide mobile device charging station provider based in Dallas, has installed its charging stations in more than 250 college campuses nationwide and many of the largest hospitals throughout Texas, as well as in U.S. Embassies across the world. The charging stations are free to use and provide charging cables for nearly all phones, tablets, e-readers, mp3 players and other mobile devices. KwikBoost’s stations are simple, practical and affordable, and feature patent-pending, energy-efficient technology that delivers best in class, full speed, multi-device charging.

KwikBoost charging stations can be customized with branded graphics, offering companies an additional branding opportunity. To date, the company’s stations can be found throughout college campuses, healthcare facilities, car dealerships, service centers, sports venues, coffee shops, bars and restaurants, and more. The stations are also great for events and conferences, and KwikBoost has resellers across the world.

“Today, people live on the go and rely on their mobile devices to communicate, do business and even participate in class,” said Joe Mecca, co-founder and president of KwikBoost. “Our charging stations can go anywhere and everywhere, and we are leading the way in solving one of the major problems each of us face every day – mobile device battery life.”

KwikBoost stations have provided colleges with a simple solution for offering a much-needed service to their students, staff and visitors. KwikBoost has quickly established its brand and suite of products as the practical and affordable solution for the higher education market, having provided charging stations for over 250 college campuses to date, including approximately 35% of Division I schools. On college campuses, KwikBoost’s charging stations can be found in more than 1,200 locations, including student unions, dining halls, recreation centers, libraries and classroom buildings. Schools like Arizona State University; Notre Dame; University of Kansas; Duke University; University of North Carolina; University of Connecticut; California State University, Los Angeles; Michigan State University; University of Miami; and Texas Tech University have already installed multiple KwikBoost charging stations on their campuses.

Hospitals and medical facilities throughout North America are also finding that charging stations are a much-needed service for their patients, visitors and staff. KwikBoost charging stations can be found in these facilities’ main lobbies, waiting areas, emergency rooms, dining areas, business centers and more. KwikBoost’s stations have helped patients, families and other guests stay charged and connected during their long waiting times at hospitals. KwikBoost, who was recently a sponsor at the Texas Hospital Association Annual Conference, has built relationships with some of the largest hospital systems in Texas, including Texas Health Resources, Baylor Healthcare System and St. Lukes Episcopal Hospitals.

“Being able to provide our type of service in a practical and affordable way is just as important as the service itself,” said Paul Mecca, co-founder and vice president of product development for KwikBoost. “We developed our charging stations to help solve a problem and address a pain point for our customers – and their customers in turn. The exceptional feedback we have received from our customers proves that we are doing just that.”

About KwikBoost
KwikBoost is a Dallas-based mobile device charging station provider that specializes in delivering best in class, full speed, multi-device charging for nearly 100% of mobile devices. All KwikBoost products are made in the USA and contain patent-pending, energy-efficient technology. Other features include customizable billboard graphics, a market-leading one-year manufacturer’s warranty, and durable technology designed for high traffic usage. The company’s products can fit anywhere and go everywhere – they can be mounted on a wall, sit on a table or attached to a stand. Simple, practical and affordable, KwikBoost’s charging stations offer all types of businesses the opportunity to provide an extremely valuable service in today’s mobile world. For more information on KwikBoost, please visit

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