News Feature | January 29, 2016

KLAS Ranks Healthcare BI Vendors

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

International Healthcare Study Ranks US Last

Health Catalyst was ranked number on in the enterprise healthcare BI market for improving outcomes; Dimensional Insight also got top performance scores for enabling customers to achieve outcomes.

Healthcare market research firm KLAS has released the results of their annual enterprise business intelligence market report, ranking Health Catalyst as the leading vendor in the healthcare BI market in improving outcomes. The report also recognized Dimensional Insight, giving the developer of business intelligence solutions the highest performance score in the KLAS report, Enterprise Healthcare BI: The Search for Outcomes.

The results of the KLAS report are based on interviews with 394 providers to review the performance of BI vendors in healthcare and highlight those who contribute the most value in the eyes of their customers. The report differentiates 11 enterprise BI vendors based on client reviews, insights and outcomes.

“Health Catalyst is seen as the most consistent and effective BI vendor in achieving outcomes,” wrote the report’s authors, Joe Van De Graaf and April Ridgeway. “Health Catalyst consistently demonstrates a high-touch, consultative approach, using their products as facilitators of engagement and deeper work.”

This marks the fifth time in six years that Dimensional Insight has received the top vendor score in KLAS’ annual BI report. Dimensional Insight also was named “Best in KLAS” in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014.

Customers rated Dimensional Insight highly for its excellence in affordability and high client satisfaction, as well as noting how they help clients go beyond reporting to achieve insight and outcomes from their business intelligence implementations.

“As healthcare shifts from fee-for-service to value-based care, enterprise BI/analytics is critical to helping healthcare organizations bridge the gap and map out their future. The real challenge in healthcare is how to link analytics to outcomes,” said Van de Graaff. “Dimensional Insight has distinguished itself as a vendor with a customer-focused approach.”

KLAS’ report underscores the market shift in emphasis from reporting to delivering actionable insights and driving clinical, operational and financial outcomes. According to KLAS, Health Catalyst’s “strategy of prioritizing client relationships and outcomes results in the highest client reviews of any vendor for insights and outcomes.”

According to the report, insights and improved outcomes result from “a proactive, customer-focused approach” that goes beyond simply implementing BI technology. Rather, top-performing vendors like Health Catalyst employ “a disciplined, holistic approach to help clients achieve analytics victories that would often not be possible otherwise.”