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Kipu Announces The Release Of Its Powerful KipuMAT Technology; Assisting Facilities Serving The Growing Need For Medication-Assisted Treatment And Liquid Methadone Dispensing

Medication-assisted treatment has become a part of treatment modalities that are combined with counseling and behavioral therapies to provide all-inclusive approach to treating substance use disorders.

Coral Gables, FL /PRNewswire/ - Miami, FL based KipuHealth, maker of the highly successful KipuEMR, an Electronic Medical Records system specifically designed for the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Behavioral Health treatment communities, announced the launch of its new and highly advanced Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) platform. Cloud-based KipuMAT is fully integrated within the KipuEMR system and provides much needed flexibility, efficiencies, compliance and workflow management tools to support OTP and OBOT facilities. KipuMAT supports SciLog and Ivek dispensing pumps, as well as manual pumps, and delivers an advanced, configurable multi-queueing system to support any facility's actual workflow as well as one-click Inventory Reconciliation reporting. KipuMAT represents a major advance in MAT, offering a long list of technological advances, including:

Advanced Inventory Management Fully integrated dispensing and inventory tracking and management. Supports single or bulk entry of inventory by lot number, bottle weight, and overfill. Tracks each dose dispensed from check-in to check-out and every dose in between, with adjustments for re-dosing.

Intelligent Patient Queues Fully customizable, and visually intuitive patient queues for Dosing, Counseling, Doctor, Drug Screen and more. Customizable access levels by staff role. Ability to dose, process lab requisitions and document in the patient chart directly from the queue. Includes Expected, In Process, and Completed patients as well as real time metrics.

Flagging the patient is critical – and far too often a manual process. KipuMAT includes a customizable flag system, with three severity levels: Critical, Warning and Informational. KipuMAT assures full compliance tracking and reporting for user acknowledgement/resolution.

Innovative Patient Ledger Ideal for automatic generation of pre-payments, co-insurance and co-payments — by payor — or miscellaneous facility charges. Optionally, payments may be automatically assigned to charges. Any outstanding payments due will be reflected on the patient tile upon check-in to eliminate oversight and ensure financial compliance. And more.

With the addition of the MAT module, Kipu now supports OTP and OBOT facilities in the management of daily dispensing of MAT medications, including Methodone (liquid and solid), Buprenorphine and Vivitrol in one fully integrated, easy-to-use, secure solution. KipuMAT is a major step forward for the treatment professionals and the MAT industry.

"For years, and I've seen this firsthand," said Sally Abu-moustafa, Senior Vice President of KipuHealth, "many facilities that have adopted MAT treatment struggle with a number of issues -- lack of an integrated platform for treatment planning, billing, inventory reconciliation and reporting to name a few. Older technologies such as Methasoft, Smart, MethodOne and others have all existed to some degree, within a patchwork quilt of software, with no connection to the EMR or EHR platforms, so clinical information, billing and outcomes are pieced together using spreadsheets or paper records. To fulfill MAT requirements, frontline staff using legacy software (rarely if ever updated and improved) are forced to juggle multiple windows for patient records, dispensing logs and inventory levels, making issues like reporting, queueing and lab ordering painstakingly manual. OTP facilities simply didn't have a choice."

"We've streamlined the entire workflow," said Abu-moustafa, "From automated inventory reporting, advanced queueing, dose management, patient flagging, bottle check call backs, rules-based patient ledger and full integration with the EMR for efficient billing and unwavering compliance."

KipuMAT, an easy-to-use, highly configurable, cloud-based platform, can clear away all inefficiencies, eliminate manual operations and ensure 100% accuracy and compliance. "We've seen that MAT, used in OTP and OBOT settings, has proven to be an evidence-based, cost-effective resource for assisting in the treatment of opioid addiction," said Jeffrey Fiorentino, CEO of KipuHealth, "As a supplement to existing behavioral health treatment, many are finding that MAT, while NOT the sole means of recovery or a panacea, can be a lifeline – especially during the pandemic." KipuMAT is included free with the KipuEMR.

About KipuHealth
KipuHealth is the leading enterprise software provider serving the substance use, mental health, and eating disorder communities with its suite of cloud-based products. The KipuEMR, a fully configurable electronic health record and integrated billing platform designed for — and within — the treatment community, is the largest and most widely implemented EMR solution for treatment, used daily by more than 80,000 users at more than 1,800 facilities worldwide. The KipuCRM is a companion platform that manages the entire patient life cycle from the very first call through admission, integrating call center, referral, and marketing campaign management. To read the latest news on Kipu, please visit and connect with us on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Read our CEO Blog.

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