Case Study

KeyMark Brings Clemson University's Campus-Wide ECM Vision To Fruition

Source: KeyMark Inc.

KeyMark Passes the Test
Clemson’s HR Department was the first department to implement document imaging. In addition to maintaining the records for thousands of active and former employees, the HR Department is responsible for retirement documents and all other permanent employee records accumulated at the century-old university. The volume was overwhelming. Growing stacks of HR files threatened to overrun the entire department, and accessing them was becoming increasingly difficult. Some documents were being archived on microfilm, but by the mid-90s, this solution was becoming increasingly problematic.

Regardless of whether the documents were on microfilm or paper, retrieving them based on requests from employees or administrators took unacceptably long. “We wanted to be able to image all documents into a single personnel file, sort them any way we wanted, and not have to wade through files anymore.” recalls Lucy Arthur, Director of Database and Records Management in Clemson’s HR Department. A committee was formed to evaluate vendors. “We wanted a standalone system that could work with our existing hardware and was within our budget,” says Ms. Arthur. Among the requirements were a GUI (graphical user interface) in a Windows environment and a tight integration with Clemson’s PeopleSoft HR application. During the vendor evaluation, KeyMark, Inc. was chosen to oversee the project based on its experience and ability to configure a solution to meet those requirements.