Magazine Issue | July 29, 2013

July/August 2013 HTO Issue

Source: Health IT Outcomes
From The Editor

Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief, Health IT OutcomesHow Safe Is Health IT?

For years, technology vendors, the federal government, and leading healthcare technology associations have touted the safety benefits of health IT. However, the technology also introduces a new breed of potential safety hazards. For example, poor EHR software interface design or confusing information displays can contribute to clinical errors.

Feature Story

Fixing The EHR Interoperability Mess
EHR adoption is on the rise, but interoperability remains a key roadblock. What needs to happen to facilitate an environment of open-data exchange?


Converting Patient Data Into Real-Time Analysis
EHRs have generated massive amounts of useful patient data, but sifting through these data sets to identify trends that provide actionable information is next to impossible without the right tools. Today’s BI and analytics technologies help providers make sense of their data and improve outcomes.

Docs Prescribe Tablets For Better EHR Access
Tablet PCs are becoming the medium of choice for many doctors to access EHR data. What’s driving this demand and how can you ensure you leverage these devices safely?


Case Studies

Building An IT Foundation For Patient-Centered Medical Homes
Population health management technology opens new doors to patient-centered medical homes at Covenant Health Partners.

Easy HIT Keeps Jersey HIE In Business
How a SaaS secure messaging solution became the underlying technology infrastructure for one of the most successful HIEs in the U.S.


Shore Up Your PHI Defenses
For St. Luke’s Health System, data flow mapping, vendor management, and full-disk encryption are essential to PHI security.

MDM Keeps Home Health Staff Connected
A mobile device management (MDM) solution allows Advanced Home Care to safely and securely support iOS and Android devices, enabling employees to meet demands for real-time connected care.