Magazine Issue | July 31, 2014

July/August 2014 HITO Issue

Source: Health IT Outcomes
From The Editor

Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief, Health IT OutcomesIs It Time For An MU Reboot?

Health IT leaders are becoming frustrated with the MU program’s lack of flexibility, stating that the criteria don’t align with organizational objectives.

Feature Story

Where Does IT Hurt?

CIOs from four major health systems list their biggest pain points and outline their strategies to overcome these challenges.


How Health Care Providers Are Effectively Leveraging Big Data

Two health systems show how Big Data is playing an increasingly prominent role in their ongoing quest to operate more efficiently, drive down costs, and improve patient care.

The Provider’s Role In Patient Engagement

Two forward-thinking providers share how new technology and engagement tactics are helping their patients play more active roles in their own health.

Case Studies

California Hospital Conquers Network Security Alert Fatigue

Torrance Memorial Medical Center employs a subscription security monitoring service to analyze 19 million network intrusion events and accurately distinguish true threats from noise.

Mobile Carts Improve Workflow, Patient Safety

MaineGeneral Medical Center equips every patient room with a workstation on wheels, facilitating communication between hospital staff and preventing the spread of infection.

Secure Mobile Technology Replaces Overhead Paging At Reading Health System

Thanks to quick and quiet mobile apps and devices, doctors and nurses are now in constant contact without interfering with patient care.


Clinical Decision Support: Bridging The Gap Between Knowledge And Practice

Cleveland’s MetroHealth System is on a multiyear journey to encourage physician adoption of evidence-based clinical decision support to deliver care more efficiently and effectively.

Facilitating Health Information Exchange

The New Jersey Health Information Technology Extension Center aims to help more healthcare providers realize the potential benefits of HIEs by tackling adoption challenges head-on.