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It's More Than A Mobile Strategy: Read The CNO Perspective

Source: Vocera Communications
Rhonda Collins, Chief Nursing Officer, Vocera

By Rhonda Collins, Chief Nursing Officer, Vocera

“There is no such thing as a small change – of any kind – in a hospital,” said the CNO.

She had been through what seemed like years of constant change and pushing for adoption of new or updated communication or monitoring technologies in the patient-care environment. The nursing staff was already stressed from all the change.

Then the hospital decided to introduce the use of smartphones, triggering a new set of adoption challenges. The CNO was surprised at how difficult it was. Everyone uses a smart phone in their personal lives, she reasoned. What had made this “small” change so difficult?

Introducing technology, changed process, or expectations of changed behavior can be very hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

This CNO Perspective looks at factors to consider and steps to take to help make introducing new technology a smoother, more successful process.