News | November 26, 2019

iSalus Healthcare Collaborates With CoverMyMeds To Offer Prescription Price Transparency And Electronic Prior Authorization

iSalus Healthcare will soon offer a fully integrated solution that displays prescription price information and streamlines the prior authorization process for medications

Indianapolis, IN /PRNewswire/ - iSalus Healthcare, in an effort to continue improving the workflow efficiencies of its partners, announced a collaboration with CoverMyMeds to integrate its leading prescription price transparency and electronic prior authorization (ePA) solutions into iSalus' cloud-based practice management and electronic health record (EHR). CoverMyMeds is widely relied on in the medical industry to display the most accurate prescription price information through RxBenefit Clarity and streamline the prior authorization process for prescriptions at the point of care. The integration will be available in January 2020 and will be offered at no charge to providers who use iSalus software.

"Our providers care deeply about delivering quality care to all of the patients that they serve," said Michael Hall, President of iSalus. "Common barriers to this care include sticker shock when the patient arrives at the pharmacy, as well as the need to complete complicated prior authorization paperwork before a patient can get the medication that they desperately need. iSalus' mission is to ensure that the lives of our providers and their patients are improved through innovative solutions to these types of challenges."

Integrating with CoverMyMeds helps iSalus continue its expansion of services and efficiencies offered to private practices across the United States. iSalus is eager to begin offering this service and others like it in the hopes of fulfilling their mission to continue innovating healthcare so that the lives of providers and their patients are improved.

"CoverMyMeds is an industry leader in this space and has a proven track record in solving this exact problem," continued Hall. "This is why iSalus is excited to partner with CoverMyMeds. The seamless integration between our two platforms will help ensure patients are receiving the medications they need in a timely manner with minimal effort from the practice."

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